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Gallery of Investors

CIFAR Alliance and Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth


What is it?

The Gallery of Investors showcases the various types of investors currently funding startups or projects working at the climate change adaptation-fintech nexus.


Why do we need it?

Financial service innovators and entrepreneurs interested in launching new products have a difficult time identifying where potential funding can originate. This Gallery aims to lower the time and effort required to identify potential sources of funding for companies that are aiming to have climate impact through financial product innovation.


What investors will you find in the Gallery?

From small, highly specialized venture capital firms investing domestically to international government agencies with broad mandates, investors featured in this Gallery come in various types and scopes. This Gallery showcases the diversity of entities interested in building climate change adaptation capacity through financial products around the world.  

What information will I find here?

The Gallery of Investors showcases different organizations currently investing in climate-smart financial products, often for startups at the pre-seed through Series A level, but also through targeted development initiatives. This Gallery is meant to serve as an introduction to the existing investor landscape and to share which investors are shaping the future of climate-smart financial products.


The Gallery allows users to sort through the full list of investors, while individual investor pages display a high-level description of the organization, the organization's location and type, and sample investments they have made in climate fintech.

How were these investors selected?

Investors were selected because their investment thesis or current investments display a commitment to building and / or scaling climate resilience-building financial products. The majority of investors listed here have at least one active climate fintech investment in their portfolio, even if they are not exclusively focused in the intersection of climate adaptation and fintech.

If you are aware of active investors in this space that should be included in this Gallery, please reach out to

What do the various categories and filters mean?

  • Headquarters: Where is this organization based?​ Investors can be located in different geographies from where they are making investments.

  • Investor Type: Funding for climate fintech can come from a variety of organizations, both public and private. Investors listed here have been assigned to the following categories: 

These companies invest in promising early-stage startups or mature ventures offering innovative products in climate change resilience or financial technology.

Organizations that support founders in building and sustaining climate or fintech startups. These often also serve as early-stage VC firms, making direct investments for an equity stake. 

Government agencies or funded organizations that make domestic or international investments in the climate change adaptation or financial inclusion spaces.

Banks or other financial service providers with an international presence making investments in climate fintech products beyond their domestic markets.

Local banks or other financial service providers making local/regional investments in climate fintech products.

Non-profits and non-governmental organizations with investment capabilities to help meet objectives around climate and financial inclusion.

Any other organization type that is directing investment dollars into the climate fintech sector.

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